Although I find it unfortunate, it has been my experience that very few artistically expressive people are encouraged to pursue their dream to be creative.  Children are often steered away from careers in the arts, as these pursuits are frequently perceived as fanciful or unrealistic. But sometimes it is in our dreams where we find our true selves.  Sometimes our fanciful beliefs are the very things that fill our soul. And if you can't be all that you dreamed to be, you should at least have the ability to surround yourself with it.

While I come from a long line of engineers, politicians, educators, and those who found their way in various facets of business, my lineage is also filled with artists, writers, singers, and actors.  So I've been fortunate to have my drive to pursue the arts embraced and encouraged by those around me. Creative energy runs through my soul, and passion and appreciation for all art forms has been a gift handed down to me through generations. 

So, in 2010, I created Divinemoira Studio, my grand endeavor wrapping up all the things I love. It was, and remains, my home for the things I feel passionate about:  art. inspiration. hope.

My journey with Divinemoira Studio teaches me many things, but what I love most are the people I meet through this this work. There are so many brilliant and talented people in the world, and I am in constant awe by the sheer honor and privilege I’ve had learning from so many along the way. 

A few cornerstones of the Studio?

I believe in the human spirit.  I believe in kindness.  I believe in the need for expression. I believe in possibilities. I believe in community.  It is my hope that through the arts we can inspire one another.

It’s always been my intention to have Divinemoira Studio exist as an idea. A concept.

We are a collection of creative people.  We are events, exhibits, installations, music and experiences.  We are a virtual gallery and shop.  We are causes, beliefs, dreams and ambitions. Sometimes we are fancy and elaborate.  Sometimes we are down-home and simple.  The Studio is a little bit of everything, because inspiration and hope can come from anywhere-and the human connection is the core of this “idea.”

I hope you’ll be inspired by our collective work and continue to check in with us to see how The Studio continues to grow.  I hope you’ll support the works from our artists, join us for our events and exhibits, and support our causes. Together we have the power to make this world a beautiful place, with one connection at a time.