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As a multi-disiplinary group of innovators, Divinemoira Studio utilizes experiential art and culture to promote conversation and education about issues that impact our communities.

St. Louis, Missouri | Columbia, Missouri | Houston, Texas | Denver, Colorado | Sarasota, Florida | Brooklyn, New York



Erin McGrath Rieke (Founder and Director) St. Louis, Missouri

Rebecca Bickle (Grants) St. Louis, Missouri

Rachel Ebeling (Philanthropy, Advocacy) The Angel Band Project St. Louis Missouri

Mercedes Mann (Philanthropy, Advocacy) Brooklyn, New York

Bridget Ziegler (Philanthropy, Advocacy, Education) Sarasota, Florida

Tate Wiggins (Advocacy, Education) St. Louis, Missouri

Maegan Lemp (Advocacy) St. Louis, Missouri

S. Jewell S. McGhee (Community Artist Consultant) St. Louis, Missouri

Rose Merello (Design) St. Louis, Missouri

Ryan McGrath (Consulting Partner) Brooklyn, New York

Karen Tilford (Education) St. Louis, Missouri

Mark Rieke (Consulting Partner) Houston, Texas

Holly Butler (Website Development) Butler Web Bistro, St. Louis, Missouri

Danielle Aslanian (Music, Education, Design) Dania Designs, Talkeetna, Alaska

Kevin McGrath (Consulting Partner) Sarasota, Florida

Joy Shank (Consulting Partner) Denver, Colorado

Darra Rensing (Education) Denver, Colorado

Paul Rieke (Financial) St. Louis, Missouri

Kevin Merello (Engineering, Installation) St. Louis, Missouri

Derek Rieke (Photography, Curatorial, Install) Derek Rieke Photography, Columbia, Missouri

Hudson Heidger (Photography, Operations) Columbia, Missouri

Cassidy Rieke (Graphic Design, Management, Photography) Cassidy Rose, Columbia, Missouri

Eileen McGrath (Consulting Partner) Sarasota, Florida

Emily Narez (Philanthropy) Houston, Texas