art. inspiration. hope.



Divinemoira Studio was founded by Erin McGrath Rieke in 2010, to utilize the unique power of the expressive arts to better communities around the world. As an organization founded on a social business model, Divinemoira Studio curates works of art and design in digital formats, interactive and experiential installations, gallery exhibitions, as well as produces non-profit events and public speaking engagements.


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Divinemoira Studio represents and helps cultivate the careers of local, national, and international artists, designers, writers and musicians that share the studio’s mission of:

“Art. Inspiration. Hope.”

The love of the arts.

A passion to inspire.

The goal to provide hope.

Divinemoira Studio's ever-growing collaborative group of creative contributors come together and share their work with a portion of all proceeds benefitting select organizations within the communities we live within.

Divinemoira Studio seeks to inspire others to find their own artistic souls.

 “Be Inspired.”

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