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Project Manager

The discipline of Project Manager exists to create an environment for great work to thrive. Project Manager sets the tone, pace and ways of working. The Project Manager has to weigh and balance client needs with Divinemoira Studio’s ambitions to determine the vision, and then make sure everyone is clear on that vision and how to get there.

The Project Manager is the day-to-day leader of the team, the work and has oversight of the process at scale. Beyond process and creative output, they are strategic partners to the day-to-day and Divinemoira Studio’s clients. They work closely with the Creative Director and Executive Group Director to set the tone and pace of a business, and help to ensure that both vision and tone are understood and reflected by all on the team.

 Essential Functions

  • Drive the client relationship by knowing their organization and business or creative process inside and out, act as their trusted partner and lead daily contact

  • Strong input on strategy and a clear point of view on creative work

  • Provide guidance and training to the rest of the team and confidently manages without authority

  • Responsible for studio delivery at highest quality across all projects

  • Gets the best work out of the client, the studio and the team, and fosters an environment where everyone feels supported and brave about ideas

  • Trusted leader of the studio team who can articulate macro business context and studio ambition, and can mobilize the team

  • Possesses a clear understanding of our business and the triggers and drivers of profitability

  • Senior day-to-day clients' trusted voice and partner, and can proxy for the Executive Group Director when meeting the senior clients

  • A clear and well-articulated point of view on the client’s business and ensures the internal team understands the client’s aims and goals

  • Brings an informed and independent point of view to strategic thinking and the creative work

  • Strategizes and architects the studio’s best approach to situations, thinking several steps ahead  with all the potential repercussions

  • Manages staffing allocations and flighting to ensure we’re set up for success while working efficiently and profitably

  • Understand how to build a staff plan and fee proposal, and provides input on annual statements of work with an informed point of view

  • Opens and closes meetings by providing clarity and direction, and confidently guides conversation throughout to desired outcome


    • Possesses a Bachelor's degree and marketing or advertising agency experience

    • Advanced knowledge of Excel and Keynote

    • Familiarity with accounting/math principles

    • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

    • High attention to detail

    • Strong time-management and organizational skills

    • Strong client-service orientation

    • Flexible to evolving responsibilities and last-minute changes

    • Influential and effective leadership skills

    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment

Studio Intern

The Studio Intern is a vital internal office support that services the needs of the team they support. The successful candidate will have impeccable verbal and written communication skills, a collaborative and friendly work style, be exceptionally well organized and able to effectively multitask and prioritize duties. You are endlessly reliable, trustworthy and consistent in your ability to produce the highest quality of work



  • Ability to provide seamless support to Team Leaders, be self-motivated, work independently, collaborate as part of a team to achieve business goals and multitask independently in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to interact effectively with internal and external senior-level executives and their assistants in a professional manner and be proactive in anticipating business and administrative needs

  • Serve as a business manager to the Team Leaders on all administrative, coordination and business information matters

  • Manage and oversee complex calendars, schedule internal and external meetings, anticipate conflicts and quickly resolve scheduling issues

  • Manage all travel arrangements, prepare itineraries and track trip files

  • Handle and maintain highly confidential and sensitive information

  • Assist department with meetings and special events

  • Maintain a high level of customer support and service

  • Manage all catering for business needs

  • Handle expenses

  • Help the Creative Director with follow-up for various meetings


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