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In the Studio

Inspirational Journey: Mark Witzling

My journey as an artist has evolved from representational oil painting toward pure abstraction. I became fascinated with the art of the abstract expressionists and with abstract oil painting as a way to express myself creatively. To be “in the zone”. Painting is a solitary process and I find it meditative, and at times almost a form of prayer. My source of inspiration is truly multi-layered. Intellectually, I try to tackle intangible concepts in my paintings while technically I love using strong color, visually building up layers of paint and then excavating back into the layers to bring forth a contrast of colors and textures. My technique focuses on painting with oil and malleable cold wax medium as a fulfilling way of achieving the effects I am seeking and to bring out my personal creative visions

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Grafic Design to Freeform Art: MaryAnn Russum

I’ve worked as a graphic designer for many years but fine art has always been my first love. I’m a maker and painter, creating cute and creepy crafts and I love making art out of found objects especially creating shadow box art. I’m inspired by art that not only catches my eye but inspires me in some way. If it piques my curiosity there’s something there for me to learn from or be inspired by. I’m greatly inspired by art from Georgia O’Keefe, Paul Klee, Joan Miro, as well the art of Tim Burton. I’m also a big fan of art relating to Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

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The Many Layers of Mark Pack

I define my artistic process as one of cultivation rather than manufacture. Through my work, I am interested in exploring both the processes of creation in nature, and the ways that we as a society relate to nature. For me, this is a way to examine the duality between chaos and control. I am intrigued by the seemingly random creation of geological strata. Similarly, I’m amazed at the unquantifiable number of biological species that exist and the fact that new species are discovered every day. 

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She Sparkles and Shines: Allison Norfleet Bruenger

I'm a Mixed Media Jewelry and Fine Craft Artist. My goal is to create truly distinctive wearable art designs that lift the spirit and inspire the soul. I use a variety of materials such as Copper, Brass, Sterling Silver along with my "Original Drawings & Painting to create my lines. Most of my focus is in "Nature" & the "Female Image". I use lighter weights in my materials so that my jewelry is comfortable to wear yet become stunning creations. Each of my main designs are "Retired" as soon as the piece "Finds a Great Home" so that the person will own that special design. From my detailed drawing of the piece to the hand fabricated one of a kind creation, I want to create truly unique pieces of wearable art for each of my collectors. I love making pieces of art that adorn the body.

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Flooding Us With Art: JB Nearsy

St. Louis based artist JB Nearsy chats with Erin McGrath Rieke about his painting he’s donating to “Art for the Angels” benefit auction. My primary motivation is to expose the viewer to an honest interpretation of perseverance, achieved through resilience by way of positivity. Life puts many challenges in front of us, often to outcomes that we do not expect. Not to say we will always be happy, sure, or even steadfast, but that we must try. Without an attempt, there is no means to a bright result. When we make efforts to look at situations with humility and good nature, we inevitably wind up better for it. A positive outlook builds on itself, creating more positivity and positive outcomes.

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From Advertising to Fine Art: Chatting with Terry Hinkle

Terry Hinkle has been creating art since childhood. He received a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Editorial Art from the University of Kansas. For years, Hinkle worked as a commercial artist, illustrator and designer, and he rose quickly through the ranks of the advertising world into marketing as an art director and creative director. Hinkle now focuses his energies on his figurative and abstract artwork. Today, Terry Hinkle is represented by Stone Soup Galleries in Chesterfield, Missouri and he makes frequent appearances at the new boutique arts hotel, Angad Arts Hotel, located in downtown St. Louis.

I first encountered the work of Terry Hinkle in St. Louis when he created live art for a local non-profit organization’s annual benefit fundraiser. In 2019, Hinkle agreed to join forces with Divinemoira Studio for our first large scale presentation of “Art for the Angels” art auction to benefit our long-time non-profit partner The Angel Band Project. 

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Practice and Dedication : Brittany Dyer

Brittany Dyer erupted onto the St. Louis art scene even before she ever completed her degree in art. Her works of art drench our soul when we have the opportunity to view her work. It has been an honor to exhibit Dyer over the past few years, and we hope we have the opportunity to continue to show her work as the years come to pass.

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Invisible Continuation: Getting to know Tricia Coyle

Tricia Coyle: the mulidisciplined genius in art. Coyle paints, photographs, and enthralls her viewers with brilliant color selections. But her work is greater than just pretty wall art, although it does serve that purpose for the less discerning viewer. But for others, those that long to dig a little deeper… No, Coyle’s art, beyond the eye pleasing colors, is filled with symbolism and power. Her work leaves the viewer with inner reflection and self-contemplation about life, All hat art is intended to accomplish.

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