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Jeffrey Sass

Jeffery Sass is a life-long photographer. Some of his earliest memories involve a camera in his hand. His work is based in traditional and historic photography. Sass feels very strongly that film and darkroom techniques are art forms that need to be preserved. To create his images, he uses antique and vintage cameras as well as ones that he has created. Each image is one of a kind because the film and photographic papers used are many years past their shelf life and often yield interesting and unpredictable results. Materials of this sort are often discontinued or not manufactured for decades. 

The past shapes Sass' view of the present. He finds his images in iconic things of yesterday and tries to re-imagine them for a contemporary audience. As an artist that uses photography as a primary means of expression, he believes that the historical processes are even more significant to contemporary art than they were years ago. Today they are aesthetic choices, the means to an end. Sass wants his current work to redefine what is considered a photographic image and how the viewer engages with a photograph.