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Divinemoira Studio: Flashback

Flashback: A Friendship in Art

 Megan Hutt and Erin McGrath Rieke at Gazelle Magazine Anniversary Party 2017

Megan Hutt and Erin McGrath Rieke at Gazelle Magazine Anniversary Party 2017


I stumbled upon this photo of myself and Megan Hutt, long-time artistic partner, co-producer, creative consultant, gallery assistant, and communication liaison, who helped me with everything from exhibit execution, HR dilemmas, and social media campaign strategies on top of somehow putting up with all my grandiose, ambitious and sometimes (or often) overzealous ideas about crazy exhibitions, fashion shows, articles, meeting new talent, gallery hopping and thinking we could TRULY positively change the world with creative expression one extravagant show at a time.

Let me just say that while graciously handling the likes of me, Hutt herself is an incredible artist, designer and photographer with an exquisite vision and distinctive voice. Her work is the kind that lets you smile and it always leaves me inspired. (If you are not familiar with her photography, you should definitely take a moment to check it out)

In randomly coming across this image of Megan and me (a party pic from Gazelle Magazine’s Anniversary Party last year), I began to think about how many incredible people I’ve come to know and learn from these past 8 years working and developing Divinemoira Studio

While we at the Studio continue to move forward with our projects, individual talent and online gallery and boutique, I think it’s absolutely paramount that we, no-let me clarify-that I, take the time to recognize the many, many hands that have come together all these years to help Divinemoira Studio along the way.

Seeing this picture of Megan and myself made me smile, because it has been a long strange trip, filled with ups and downs, and more sleepless nights than I care to recall. But I might as well start my recollections and acknowledgements with one of the coolest and most talented people that helped me from the beginning.