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Meet Erin

About Erin McGrath Rieke


Erin McGrath Rieke is an experienced operations and creative production professional, championing creative interactive projects and events that facilitate social awareness and positive change. Thriving in challenging situations, delivering under pressure and meeting deadlines, Erin strives to be a leader and motivator of multi-disciplined teams. Erin McGrath Rieke develops strategy and planning for successful complex projects, with solid budget and schedule management skills. She is a self motivator with a strong drive and dedication to success. Erin is passionate about innovative and engaging creativity that promotes education, awareness, and hope.


Each of Erin McGrath Rieke's curated productions and individual works of art are like delicate windows with intricate etchings that allow viewers to peer directly into her heart and soul.  Each exhibit Erin produces and work of art she creates is a visual projection of a raw emotional state she has experienced.  Finding solace, comfort, freedom, and peace in the uncertainty of her own process, she revels in the unpredictable outcome welcomed with each new project. Prompted by a wide range of music and focused on the process instead of the end result, each event and work of art exposes her to the world-and to herself. Erin was raised just outside Chicago and spent her formative years studying art, theater, and music. After seven years acting in New York and Chicago, Erin settled in St. Louis and began her career as an activist using the arts to facilitate change within her community.  Today, Erin McGrath Rieke is the Creative Director of Divinemoira Studio and the Visual Arts Ambassador to The Angel Band Project.

McGrath Rieke has exhibited her works of art in over thirty solo and group shows across the country and has produced dozens of interactive and group exhibitions utilizing creative expression to raise awareness to social issues.  McGrath Rieke is a published author and public speaker recognized for her knowledge on art, art as therapy, sexual assault awareness, and mental health issues.  

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Erin McGrath Rieke. Live art Central West End. Photocredit. Divinemoira Studio.JPG
Erin McGrath Rieke. Mannequins on the Loop. Photocredit Danielle Aslanian.jpg

Select Exhibits and Events:

Presenter: Spirits and Sparkles-St. Louis, MO

Producer/Artist: Turbulence Behind Tranquility Rotating Exhibit-St. Louis, MO

Speaker/Artist: Still I Rise-St. Louis, MO

Gallery Director/Artist: Lotus Carnival-St. Louis, MO

Creative Director/Designer: Aria Rising-St. Louis, MO

Vocalist/Speaker/Artist: Soiree with the Angels-St. Louis, MO

Solo Artist: Local Flavor Market, Grant’s Farm-St. Louis, MO

Marketing Director: One Take at Messugah-St. Louis, MO

Guest Speaker: Stroll Against Silence-St. Louis, MO

Producer/Artist: Island Tropicale-Sarasota, FL

Vocalist: Virtual Choir-St. Louis, MO

Solo Artist: Within-Tampa, FL

Solo Artist-Beginnings-St. Louis, MO

Creative Director/Artist: Believe-St. Louis, MO

Creative Director/ Artist: Illumination-St. Louis, MO

Solo Artist: Mine-St. Louis, MO

Producer/Artist/Speaker: Unity: Art+Fashion+Benefit-St. Louis, MO

Curator/Artist: Grapeseed-St. Louis, MO

Creative Director/Artist: Happy Everything-St. Louis, MO

Solo Artist: Power for the Angels-St. Louis, MO

Producer/Artist: Into the Light-St. Louis, MO

Creative Director/Artist: Life is Beautiful-St. Louis, MO

Artist: Open Studios with the Contemporary Art Museum-St. Louis, MO

Artist: Perfect Pair-St. Louis, MO

Erin McGrath Rieke. Live Art at Let Them Eat Art. Photocredit Derek Rieke.JPG

Select Group Exhibits:

Artist: Evocation, Regional Arts Commission-St. Louis, MO

Artist: Open Studios with the Contemporary Art Museum-St. Louis, MO

Artist: Mussgorsky in Reverse, Powell Symphony Hall, Art Saint Louis Juried Show, St. Louis, MO

Artist: Rejuvenate, Arterie Fine Art Gallery, Naperville, IL

Artist: HoHo Holiday Show, SOHA Studio and Gallery-St. Louis, MO


Select Interactive Installations

Waterfall of St. Louis Stories, Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis, Gallery

Aria Rising (Rotating Exhibit)-2016-present

Lou Chalibre, Mission Taco Joint, St. Louis, Missouri-2016-present

Maizey on a Mission, Mission Taco Joint, St. Louis, Missouri-2015

Lady Godiva, Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri-2014

Baby I’m A Star, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri-2013

Patricia Hart and Erin McGrath Rieke. Syndicate Gallery Mine Exhibit and Benefit. Photo Credit Ladue News.jpg

Permanent Collections

REI Insurance Services, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., Kenemco Group, Inc., SafeHouse of Seminole, The Angel Band Project Headquarters, Grapeseed, David and Ruth Thompson, Jim and Karen Shaughnessy, Sean and Rachel Ebeling, Sara Strum, Kevin and Maegan Lemp, Ann and Michael Stephens, Steven and Nancy Kramer, Christian and Bridget Ziegler, Claudia Mendiola and Brian Barnes, Alexis Styers, Dominic Marra, Thomas and Cathy Ernst.


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