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Soiree with the Angels

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The Angel Band Project will hold its annual fundraiser to benefit survivors of sexual violence Oct 27th at Edward Jones Headquarters.

The fundraiser, which is The Angel Band Project’s main source of funding, will be a night of music, food and drink that will directly fund the nonprofit organization’s music therapy programs, which are provided at no cost to survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence.

“The soiree is a large-scale event that welcomes the community in to celebrate the power of music therapy,” said Erin McGrath Rieke, the organization’s visual art ambassador. “Empowered survivors will stand together in solidarity while 2 interactive pieces of art — which were created by survivors — fashion an atmosphere of intimate understanding for those never assaulted.”


The goals of this fundraiser are to raise money for the nonprofit through sponsorships, ticket and auction sales, to introduce new individuals and community organizations that support The Angel Band Project, and to illustrate how the project is making a difference.

The Angel Band Project takes in victims of sexual violence, and, through their music therapy programs, empowers victims to become survivors.

The soiree will begin with a cocktail reception, where guests can view auction items. Then, guests will be treated to a dinner service, live performance by survivors and award ceremony. Bidding for the auction will also take place during dinner.

Aria Rising, an interactive sculpture designed to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault and violence by providing survivors words of hope and empowerment, will return to The Angel Band for Soiree with the Angels. It has spent the last year touring universities, high schools and special events.


The Angel Band Project began as a benefit album produced by friends and family of Teresa Butz after her rape and murder. At Teresa’s funeral, people sang in her honor and were inspired to record the emotional voices in an album. All proceeds from the album benefit the Voices and Faces Project, a nonprofit national survivor network created to support rape and sexual assault survivors. The Angel Band Project uses music to promote healing, raise awareness and create positive social change for survivors of sexual violence.

The event will take place at: