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Call for Art

Call for Art: Turbulence Behind Tranquility: Divinemoira Studio Member

Call for Art: Turbulence Behind Tranquility: Divinemoira Studio Member


Divinemoira Studio presents Turbulence Behind Tranquility 2018, an all media digital exhibition that will feature all forms of expression that are predominately defined by their focus on mental health issues: Artwork/Essays/Articles/Poetry/Music that are either marked by the emotional experienced presenting isolation, turmoil, sadness, loss of control, anger, euphoria, mania, and/or the spectrum of feelings experienced with a mental health issue or one's struggle to connect to the outside world—all forms of expression where we are able to connect to the viewer/receiver and evoke an emotional response or prompt thought and education. We invite all explorations and interpretations of this theme, and encourage all media, styles and techniques. Open to creatives across the continental United States.

*Select works from the 2018 digital exhibition will be chosen for the 2019 Turbulence Behind Tranquility Traveling Exhibition which will be launched in May, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri and travel to our satellite studio cities: Houston, Texas (June) and Sarasota, Florida (July).

• Open to creatives living within the continental United States

Awards of Excellence will be selected by the Juror for this exhibit and include (1) $50 Best of Show Award of Excellence and (4) non-cash Awards of Excellence.

Divinemoira Studio Digital Exhibit dates: November 12-April 13, 2019.

• A juried exhibition is a competitive exhibit process. The artworks that you submit will be in competition against all of the other artworks submitted for consideration for this exhibit. Some artworks will be selected for the final show, while others will not be selected. The exhibition Jurors make all final decisions as to which artworks are selected for the exhibit. If you do not wish to enter into a competition, then please do not submit your artworks for this juried exhibition.

• At no point during the jurying process is our Juror shown any artist-entrants names—never. This process is called a Blind Jury and your works are given very fair and unbiased consideration by those who serve as Juror for Art Saint Louis. The Jurors are shown a digital image presentation of only the artwork, the artwork title, year, media, dimensions--NO names of artists are shown and in fact, most Jurors do not see/know the name of the selected artists until the exhibition actually goes up on Gallery walls, months after jurying has taken place.

• Artwork availability: Please do not double-book your artwork, do not commit it for other conflicting exhibits or sell it without possibility of exhibition availability if you plan on entering your work into our show. 

• Please do not enter work for jurying if you are not able to follow through with the rules of entry/art & exhibit guidelines, including our volunteer obligation.

The deadline to submit works for this exhibit is October 22, 2018 (11:59 p.m. MST).


PLEASE NOTE that this is an online entry process. The entry & upload process does require time, depending on your advance preparedness and image sizes, so please allow yourself adequate time when applying for & submitting your work to this exhibit. Advance registration (prior to entry deadline date) and image uploads to a Portfolio are highly recommended.

(copy and paste in body of your email)


from: your email address

subject: turbulencebehindtranquility2018









*as appropriate for the submission


• Limit 3 original works in all media, styles, and techniques that respond to the theme of the exhibit. Theme described at top of this call for entry.



• Judging is only done by JPEGs online only submitted to


• Your image limit is 6, and this allows for either one detail or one alternate view per artwork. Do not exceed 3 artworks total or you will be disqualified.

• Limit 2 JPEGs per artwork: 1 full view is required and either 1 detail OR 1 alternate view.

• IMPORTANT: IF you submit more than 2 images per artwork, the Jurors will NOT be shown your additional images. Any more than 2 images per artwork is not permitted. Any additional images will be moved to the "withdrawn" category.

• NOTE: Multi-paneled artworks count as one artwork, as long as they are presented as one artwork and the total size of the artwork does not exceed our size limit rules. An artwork that is a diptych (2 panels) = one artwork; a triptych (3 panels) = one artwork, and so on. Please photograph the overall artwork and only be sure to include one detail/close-up view. if you submit images of all 3 panels and a full view of your triptych, you have exceeded your image limit.

Please make sure that the digital images of your artworks are:

• In focus.

• Cropped to feature only your artwork.

• Please, NO watermarks or name imprints/signatures.

• Free of a time-date stamp.

• Please photograph your 2-d work before you have it professionally framed. If the only image you have of your artwork is of the work framed, please use image editing software to crop the frame out of the image. Your artwork is what will be judged, not the frame.

Upload options for image files:

• File format: JPEG only.

• File dimensions: 1200 pixels or greater on the longest dimension.

• File resolution: 72 ppi/dpi (standard web resolution).

• File size: 5MB maximum.


Upload options for video files:

• File formats: 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, ASF, MPG, MP4, M2T, MKV, M2TS.

• Resolution: minimum 620x480; max. 1920x1080.

• Aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9.

• Bit rate: recommended above 240 kbps.

• Frame rate: minimum 12 fps, recommended 30 fps. The frame rate of the original video should be maintained without re-sampling. In particular, pulldown and other frame-rate re-sampling techniques are strongly discouraged.

• Codec: h.264, h.263, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, Windows Media Video, and motion jpeg mpeg-1 muxed, Apple Lossless

• Container: 3gp, asf, avi, mov, mpeg, mpeg-2, mp4, ogg

• Video file size: 100 MB maximum.

Submissions that do not comply with rules of entry will not be presented to the Juror. Artworks selected for exhibition that are not accurately depicted by JPEGs may be refused/will not be exhibited at Artistic Director’s discretion.


• If you are accepted for this exhibit and sell your accepted artwork prior to the show, we recommend that you please sell it with the condition that it will be available for this exhibit. If that condition isn't possible, please do not enter that artwork for our exhibit. Remember that entry fee is non-refundable and artworks accepted for exhibit may not be substituted.

• All works submitted for this exhibit must be available for the show dates. We will not exhibit substitutes.

• All artworks must either have a sale price or be marked Not for Sale (NFS).

• No works marked POR (Price on Request) will be accepted.

• Artwork prices may not be changed once submitted for jurying.

• All sales are through Divinemoira Studio with 30% donation/commission on work sold to DMS and 70% to artist.

• Your sale price should include Divinemoira Studio's 30% commission.

• Artist responsible for delivery of sold work to buyer at end of exhibit.


• Entry fee is non-refundable.

• Artist may submit up to 3 artworks for the one fee.

• $15/Non-member entry; OR

• $5/Divinemoira Studio Member entry.



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