#SAAM: Perpetrators of Sexual Violence Often Have Criminal Histories

Perpetrators of rape are often serial criminals.

  • Out of every 1,000 suspected rape perpetrators referred to prosecutors:7

    • 370 have at least one prior felony conviction, including 100 who have 5 or more

    • 520 will be released—either because they posted bail or for other reasons—while awaiting trial

    • 70 of the released perpetrators will be arrested for committing another crime before their case is decided

When convicted, perpetrators are spending more time in prison.

  • In 2013, there were 161,000 state inmates incarcerated as punishment for sexual violence crimes—that’s about 12% of all state inmates.9

  • These inmates are staying in prison longer: the median time served for sexual violence convicts has increased 10 months since 2002 (from 38 to 48 months served).9

Perpetrators Use Different Forms of Violence to Commit Sexual Assault

  • In 11% of rape and sexual assault incidents, the perpetrator used a weapon.6

    • 6% Gun

    • 4% Knife

    • 1% Other

  • Personal weapons—such as hands, feet or teeth—are used against victims of sexual violence in about 2 out of 3 cases.9

  • 90% of rapes and sexual assaults are perpetrated by one offender. 10% are perpetrated by two or more.6

Resourc: https://www.rainn.org/statistics/perpetrators-sexual-violence