Different: Erin McGrath Rieke

Different: Erin McGrath Rieke

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Different is an abstract acrylic on repurposed wood created by Divinemoira Studio's founder and creative director Erin McGrath Rieke. This piece was created for a live audience during a private party. Each of Erin McGrath Rieke's individual works of art are like delicate windows with intricate etchings that allow viewers to peer directly into her heart and soul.  Erin produces works of art as a visual projection of raw emotional states she has experienced.  Finding solace, comfort, freedom, and peace in the uncertainty of her own process, she revels in the unpredictable outcome welcomed with each new project. Prompted by a wide range of music and focused on the process instead of the end result, each work of art exposes her to the world-and to herself. 


  • Artist: Erin McGrath Rieke
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic painting
  • Hang with D-rings provided
  • Hangs vertically
  • Made in USA

Overall Dimensions

Width: 11.0"

Depth: 1.125"

Height: 24.0"


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