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Art for A Cause

Art for a Cause


Why We Give:

Art. Design. Fashion. Music. The Spoken Word. Literature. Poetry.

Divinemoira Studio provides a space for creative people to find encouragement and support.  These creatives are part of our studio because their hearts are as big as their talents. Divinemoira Studio gives back to the communities and organizations that help support others.

How Does Divinemoira Give: 

When you become a member of Divinemoira Studio or buy individual pieces of our fine art, jewelry and accessories online, a portion of the sale goes directly back to our partner charities.

Become A Partner: 

We are always seeking new charities and organizations to partner with at Divinemoira Studio.  If you have a cause or charity that you believe would be a good fit for Divinemoira Studio, please email us at  

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