Call for Community Participation



"Waterfall of St. Louis Stories"

presented as part of

Evoke: An Exploration of Creativity and Community

Regional Arts Commission

6128 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112

September 15, 2016-November 11, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 15, 2016 6-9 pm


DETAILS: Divinemoira Studio invites the St. Louis community to participate in an interactive installation that asks individuals of all ages to share their story/stories about their experiences living, working, and/or interacting in St. Louis.

OBJECTIVE: Often times "history" has been documented to share the experiences or historical accounts from the view points of a select few.  With the "Waterfall of St. Louis Stories" installation, Divinemoira Studio seeks personal narratives of real, lived accounts of the community at large to give a voice to all. These stories are written over the past, printed accounts to symbolize the community's real, lived experiences.


Option 1) Community members are invited to write their story and/or narrative and send to Divinemoira Studio via email ( Messenger (Divinemoria Studio)/Twitter (@divinemoira)/Instagram (divinemoira_studio). Stories will be transposed by our team onto book papers and will be added as part of the body of the waterfall installation.  Participants names will be included in the "Waterfall Stories of St. Louis" Community Guest Book.

Option 2) Community members are invited to write their story and/or narrative and drop off to The Regional Arts Commission (located at 6128 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112) or arrange a pick up by contacting Divinemoira Studio at or calling 314.651.2036.


Entry Fee: None

Publicity: Divinemoira Studio reserves the right to photograph all contributing works for web use and publicity purposes. Divinemoira Studio reserves the right to use digital images of submitted stories for publicity of exhibition including but not limited to email, web use and social media. 

Notes: In order to maintain the cohesive presentation of this installation, Divinemoira Studio curators reserve the right to make a final selection of stories presented from each contributor.  We do work to feature as much of the work contributors present to us as possible, but we must factor in the collective presentation of all contributors, the layout of the venue, lighting, and the mission of the project.  Our goal is to highlight all works in the best possible manner.

Project Narrative

Stories are important. They tell us who we are, where we have been and who we can be. They build us because stories hold truths. “History” in its official forms often leaves out stories.  Words that are printed, reported on and published can be deeply dissonant to our lived experiences. This reality creates rifts in our world. “Truth” often seems to favor the “strong,” and the voices of the “weak” are silenced as their stories and struggles are erased.

The Waterfall Installation (Working Title) is a floor to ceiling, interactive installation made of hundreds of papers cascading down from the ceiling on wire clips. The papers that form the body of the waterfall are published papers that have hand written stories, drawings or markings on top of the papers provided by participants. The contrast of published words with varied markings will juxtapose official and lived histories. The Waterfall Installation is designed to have a pathway that leads the participant into the interactive exhibit towards a writing station where they make their story on the past printed story.  This process allows the viewer to become part of the installation when physically surrounded by it and actively contributing to it. A set of fans will be installed to ensure constant movement and rustling of papers to mimic the movement and sound of a waterfall.

As attested to by counselors and therapists, healing from trauma occurs when a person’s story is heard and believed. Neurologically, narrative and empathy are able to bypass brain patterns that logic and arguments will shut down. That is, stories have the power to change and to heal. We are ever-flowing: we change as our stories move forward full of hope and sorrow, grief and growth. We are all a part of the same rush, the same fall, and the same awe-inspiring beauty.